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Magento Speedup

A Magento module that simply loads your web store faster!

90 Days Support 90 Days Upgrade

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How it Works?

Our Magento Speedup Module will enhance the speed of your Magento Store by up to 450% by applying best caching practices. It follows all organic processes to optimize your Magento store and it won’t harm your Magento core code.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x,1.14.x.x


In order to gain success, the performance of a web store should meet world class standards of an eCommerce system. An online store is best when it gives their customers the best shopping experience with safety and security.

Many online store owners fail to pay attention to these issues of Magento speed optimization. This can create problems in a long run. The problem increases when your website grows as the store owns more and more products and the load time of your website increases. As a result, the customers will start to abandon the process of adding products to shopping cart.

Magento Speedup Extension is required particularly when it comes to maintain a highly professional and reliable website. It will take care of all the requirements for the speed optimization of the Magento Store. We have helped several businesses in the performance of their store with our remarkable Module. Our clients are more than happy with this module.

Testing this extension shown increased response time by 5-6x over Magento’s regular caching. You’ll also experience the response time to drop from around 9 to 13 seconds to 2-3 seconds only, just like our current customers.

This extension gives up to 10x more requests/server and reduces server response time 70% more than slow default Magento installation.

Magento Speedup takes the slow resource work that is required to build a catalog, and stores the most used data in cache stores. This method proves to reduce a lot of stress from the web servers during website navigation.


  • Magento Catalog Caching
    Catalog caching to increase Magento speed on the most frequently viewed elements of your site.
  • Magento CMS Block Caching
    CMS block caching to make faster Magento static blocks in your site.
  • Install in Seconds
    Install and make it live in seconds (one terminal command) with an unmodified Magento core.

New Features Introduced with Update:

  • Full page caching.
  • Admin can select CMS pages and dynamic blocks to be cached as per requirement.
  • Compress files using Gzip.
  • Lazier Load only loads images those are currently displayed in a page.
  • Allows enabling caching on session parameters.
  • Admin can allow caching dynamic blocks such as recently viewed, random products, random reviews upon customer groups.


FAQ Details

Q: Can we install magento speedup extension ourselves or we will have to buy it with installation?
A: Though we encourage you buy the module with installation facility for best results, you surely can install the speedup extension yourself with some basic Magento knowledge.

Q: Can I use this module on any of my test domains or IP?

A: This extension comes with single domain license. You can’t use the module on domain other then the official licensed domain. You also won’t be able to use module with any IP as that will not show the domain name. However you have following test domains available for your development and testing work.

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