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Magento SEO Suite

Get full control over SEO aspects with your Magento Store

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How it Works?

  • Allows assigning custom Meta Robot tags to filter product and category pages for providing additional control over indexation.
  • Helps to improve search engine rankings.
  • Gives you improved control over category URLs.
  • Stops boring page reloads and lets you search under price range for particular product.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x,1.14.x.x

Magento SEOSuite



There are many problems you might have caught regarding SEO with your Magento store. It’s not possible to control those problems with default Magento platform as it isn’t that SEO friendly out of the box. Indies has introduced Magento SEO Suite Extension to overcome all these problems and to raise your Magento store to search engines top. It reduces optimization time greatly and increases Google rank positions quickly comparing to time consumed with manual job.

SEO Friendly Category

Many stores are having long URL including category hierarchy as they have accommodate multiple products under huge categories. This disadvantage of having complex URL would pay them a great loss as Google considers only first few words of URL. Using this module will flatten the URL structure by using only product name or last sub category name that will make the URL short.

Layered Navigation

SEO Layered Navigation functionality provides the filtration in URL by adding words describing the attributes for the specific products. It replaces the standard URL with the URL having keywords in the links that positively influence the search results due to inclusion of those keywords. In addition SEO Layered Navigation extension extends standard Magento layered navigation and allow customers to shop by multiple attributes and price ranges at once. This functionality works without conflicts with core features of Magento.

Google Authors

Magento SEO Suite will allow you to link Google Authors Tags to CMS content. Setting up Google Authorship with CMS pages provide attention grabbing rich snippets in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to stand your pages out. The Author blocks provides easy search of content and pays attention to your results to improve your conversion rate compared with other results without this functionality. Google Authorship facilitates to engage with your audience, as people are now able to tell which content you’ve authored in the search engine.

Meta Robots

Meta tags have become an depreciated component of search marketing success that helps provide the best search experience for the user. Installing this module will allow you to get control over meta robots tags to Magento pages. It helps you preventing indexation of your search result pages and you can get full control over product and category indexation, Eliminates traffic from top sites previews in Google Analytics and allows pagination on product pages. Meta robots can potentially have some impression on Quality Score. For having good standings in Google search results, exploring rel=“next” and rel=”prev” will help pages to rank higher on search engines without causing issues of duplicate content.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are an essential SEO element on the rise for boosting your exposure in the organic search results effectively. Using Google Rich Snippets, you will be able to see increment in numbers of visit up to 30%. Rich snippets leads to more qualified traffic and provide star reviews and additional information like, product availability, price, etc. Providing instant information as related to query draws a user's attention to your relevant result. Rich snippets help increasing click-through rates and to make the amount of bounces lesser.

Noteworthy Features of this Extension:

  • Meta rules can be assigned to the specific page manually
  • Prevent indexation of unwanted pages
  • Eliminate traffic from ‘top sites’ previews from Google Analytics
  • Drastically improves SEO for products and categories
  • Creates flatten structure for URLs
  • Stops page reloads using AJAX
  • Price slider with update button or auto update timing  settings
  • Multiple choice filters to select various attributes for a single product
  • Addition of suffix in URL at the time of searching under price range.
  • Adds rel="author" tag to CMS page content
  • Improves on-page optimization of your website

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