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Recurring & Rental Payments

Customers can subscribe to products/services and pay per use

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How it Works?

  • Magento Recurring & Rental Payments module is used to enable multiple payments for a single order.
  • It can be used for subscription based products and services to pay timely subscriptions or rentals.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x,1.14.x.x


Indies’ new Magento Recurring and Rental Payments Module for Magento will enrich your online store with a unique feature to allow Recurring and Rental Payments for a single product. You will get a regular customer who appreciates your payment method as it is convenient to him. It’s a win-win situation for both. This is just one case; you can use this module in so many varied ways that is limited by only your imagination. To name a few you can use it for subscription services or for use of virtual products with licenses or as for a tool of providing installments for extra costly products or as charging rentals for products rented out.

How it works?

After you’ve successfully installed  Indies’ Magento Recurring and Rental Payments module, when a potential buyer is surfing through your store and wants to buy any product he/she will can opt to buy a product or service that they can pay for as much as they use. It’s beneficial for both the customer and you as store owners. They will pay to use our product for a certain amount of time and after that they can either choose to continue using that product in which case they will pay again for the next amount of time or if they want to discontinue they can just stop using your product. Paying in chunks/subscriptions helps in increasing sell as it’s not a great amount all at once but small amounts over long time which is affordable.

Customers can check their accounts for orders as well as the payment due for the next period of time. Also shows the date of next subscription to be paid.


  • Recurring payment facility can be enabled/disabled for specific products. It doesn’t have to be either all products or no products.
  • Set up the subscription terms price.
  • Compatible Subscription terms with products types like
    • Simple products
    • Downloadable products
    • Virtual products
  • Admin can manage subscription starting day, which can be:
    • Defined by customer
    • Moment of purchase
    • Exact day of month
  • View all subscribers enlisted under Recurring & Rental-->Subscribed for a belonging term.
  • Recurring profile types:
    • Active
    • Suspended
    • Cancelled
    • Suspeded by customer
  • Customers can check the status and term periodicity of their subscriptions, get updates, suspend, prolong or even cancel the subscription in their account area.
  • Since the customers are paying small amounts of money after certain number of days it is affordable for them and they will become your returning customers.
  • You can send reminders to the customers for the payments due as the deadline for the payments comes near.
  • Recurring and Rental Payments module is compatible with known payment methods:
    • authorized.net
    • Paypal Pro
    • Offline Payment Methods

Note: The extension will not be compatible with the products having custom options related to prices.

FAQ Details

Q:  This is a two part question:

1. I see no configuration or setup screens in admin. What is configurable in the extension?
A: After logging in your Magento admin go to System->Configuration. On the list of menus on the left bar you can see a new tab of INDIES SERVICES added. From there Select Subscriptions sub menu. From here you can change the settings of the extension.

2. What can I customize after I buy your extension?
A: You can customize following fields from admin after installing the recurring payment extension:

       1.Whether guest buyers can use this facility or not.

       2.At which process of order placement (pending, processing, complete, closed etc.) you want to activate this feature of subscription.

       3.Alert for the next installment can be sent from a specific sender.

                 1.In the Shipping cost field; specify the cost of delivery that will be applied to all subscriptions. It will be applied to all the products together. If you want to assign different shipping costs to different products you can do so from individual product edit pages.

                 2.You can also change the appearance on the frontend. (Show or hide various fields) 

                 3.You can create various periodic subscriptions and set how much time or how many days before the payment needs to be paid.

Q: In the front end you have My Application option.  Is this for software subscriptions? If yes where is the setup screen for this? Is there application plan currently in the shopping cart? 
A: You need to check in the My Subscriptions menu and not in the My Applications on frontend for current subscriptions.

Q: I purchased a monthly subscription (order # 100000006) which I assume is recurring.  But there is no recurring profile.  Where can I check for that profile? 
A: You can manage all your subscription from Catalog->Subscriptions->Subscription List. You can also keep track of all the customers who have subscribed from Customers->Subscribers List

Q: In checkout for an unregistered user I need to update the user database to include a username.  Do I have access to this database after I install your extension? 
A: Depends on what kind of operation are you doing to modify the database. This extension doesn't modify any default customer related information. You can ask us for any additional customization if you need it to be done after installing this extension.


Q: What are the admin screens to integrate with Payment methods ? Which Payment methods Recurring extension  supports?
A: You need to Go to System-> Configuration-> SALES-> Payment methods

    Currently we support these payment methods :

  • Authorize.net
  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Saved Credit Card

Q: Can I use this module on any of my test domains or IP?
A: This extension comes with single domain license. You can’t use the module on domain other then the official licensed domain. You also won’t be able to use module with any IP as that will not show the domain name. However you have following test domains available for your development and testing work.

Q: In Recurring & Rental payment module, will a customer be able to use separate credit cards for separate recurring products?
A: Yes this is possible but if and only if there are two separate orders for the both. This is because the recurring payment module captures the amount on the basis of order placed by the customer. The customer’s will have to use the same credit card throughout the complete payment cycle, which he used at the time of order placed.

Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by George
 I think you guys are still the best option out there for recurring Magento extensions.  (Posted on 5/29/14)
Thank you for your prompt reply! Review by Teddy
The auto-capturing functionality is just what i need to automate my work and become free from hassle. Thank you Indies for Recurring & Rental extension. Thumbs up, (Posted on 4/7/14)
Thank you for the instructions. Review by Peter
My client no longer wants to offer subscriptions on his site and I was not aware about the solution of this problem. Indies instruct me quickly for the solution. Thank you so much for your instructions. Keep it up ! (Posted on 2/19/14)

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