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Magento Product Import Service

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How it Works?

Looking to migrate your store to New Magento Store? Don’t leave the data behind. We will migrate all your products, orders, customers and other important data from your old system to magento.

Magento Product Import Service Extension



Indies provides Magento Product Import Service to store owners who want to import a gigantic amount of products, orders and other information from their one store to another. You can also use it when migrating from a different development platform to Magento and all your products need to be created in your new store as well.

In an ongoing technological revolution better and more efficient technologies keep surfacing to provide efficient handling of data and sleek performance of applications. It is not a surprise that businesses would also change their development platforms to accommodate the new facilities of the latest technologies. In such cases it would be a required to seek out a way to transfer/migrate all your products and catalogs to the new platform you are going to use.

The problem:

It’s easier said than done. The migration of a whole eCommerce site is a complex and time consuming task. You could face so many problems while you are trying to fetch all of your products from your current store to work the same as before in your new Magento site. Some of the difficulties that could be faced are:

  • It’s not feasible to create all products again one by one.
  • Importing large catalog is time consuming and complex
  • Requires expert technical knowledge about Magento as well as your old platform from which you want to get all your products.
  • If not handled with care there is a huge possibility of data loss.
  • Its very critical to remain in business while you are under migration.

It’d be beneficial for your business that you let the experts in the field handle the more technical and complex tasks for you so you can focus more on the business aspect of the business. We offer a simple solution to your Products Import problem: Magento Product Import Service. No need to worry about changing your store’s platform anymore. We will handle your products import for you.

Indies’ Magento Product Import Service Includes:

  • Import all products from your old site to new one in an automatic process.
  • Our Magento experts have experience in migrating diverse range of sites created in different platforms into Magento. Our team is highly experienced in developing ecommerce sites in Magento, OS commerce, Tomatocart and Prestashotp. They possess required technical skills for your products to be imported safely.
  • Affordable and fast import of products.
  • Professional handling therefore no scope for loss of data. Your whole catalog, no matter how big will be imported as is with all the attributes and variations into your new Magento store.
  • Minimum down time.

Importing large amounts of data is not an issue of concern for store owners anymore. Our professional quality Product Import Service will help you get that edge among your peers to work with a better platform and with all your existing products transferred safely.

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