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Our Magento Payment Modules are designed for helping Magento store owners manage their payment options and methods with extended ease. These modules fulfill various requirements that your store may need during or after the checkout process by your customers such as entering custom price, paying in multiple installments or even calling for price negotiations. If your needs are even different than our modules we can also create custom made modules for you.

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  1. Magento Deposit Payment

    Magento Deposit Payment


    • Deposit payment module for Magento allows your buyers to pay deposit of the products they purchase from your store.
    • Later buyers can pay the remaining amount in single or multiple installments as set by admin.
    • Admin can add a surcharge as well.
    • Installments can be paid manually by buyer or can be captured automatic by admin.
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  2. Magento ANZ eGate Hosted Payment Module Extension

    Magento ANZ


    ANZ payment gateway is widely used online payment processing gateway in Australia and NewZeland. Use this extension to accept online payments from your Magento web store using secured hosted payment method.

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  3. Magento Partial Payment

    Magento Partial Payment


    • A Magento module which lets your buyer pay partial amount of the order
    • Collect down payment/ Upfront payment on selling of out of stock products.
    • Lets you collect partial payment for service products.
    • Collect remaining balance on/before shipment.
    • Buyer can pay remaining amount in multiple slabs as defined by you.
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  4. Magento Call for Price

    Magento Call For Price


    In many cases you don’t want to show prices online on your magento store but prefer your customers contact you for a quote. This module will replace your current “Add to Cart” button with “Call For Price”. An ajax window will appear to collect visitors’ information and you will be able to receive the email for the inquiry. Continue with further negotiation and deal.

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  5. Magento Custom Price

    Magento Custom Price


    Many a times you may not be sure about the price of a product you are selling on your Magento store. May be after a discussion both you and buyer will come to an agreement on price. Indies’ Magento Custom price module will help your buyer enter the agreed price into a numerical price box and then checkout as they do normally.

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  6. Magento AJAX Cart Extension

    Magento AJAX Cart


    Buyers normally leave the page due to frequent page reloads. Indies’ AJAX cart module stops reloading the product pages on click of “Add to Cart” button. Module instead shows a drop down AJAX window which disappears automatically after few seconds. This saves buyers time which they can spend on purchase rather on page reloads.

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  7. Magento WePay Connect

    Magento WePay Connect


    Indies has come up with Magento WePay Connect Extension to enable your Magento stores use WePay gateway easily providing secure and reliable online payment method with customers’ favorite and trusted payment gateway.

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  8. Magento Recurring & Rental Payments

    Recurring & Rental Payments


    • Magento Recurring & Rental Payments module is used to enable multiple payments for a single order.
    • It can be used for subscription based products and services to pay timely subscriptions or rentals.

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  9. Magento Stripe Connect

    Magento Stripe Connect


    - Avail your customers pay through credit cards via Stripe in your Magento store. - This Module integrates your Payments in store with Stripe - Avail your customers to pay in faster and secure way and stay onsite for whole checkout process

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  10. Small Image

    Magento Authorize.net CIM


    Magento Authorize.Net CIM (Customer Information Manager) module avail your customers to pay through credit cards ensuring that all their payment details will be safe in the Authorize. Net’s secure server. This module is fully integrated with Authorize. Net’s CIM API. It stores the payment details without the trouble of increased PCI compliance.

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  11. Magento Braintree Connect

    Magento Braintree Connect


    Magento Braintree extension easily manages, processes and stores credit card details and reduces PCI compliance scope at your store. It stores credit card information using Braintree’s vault.

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