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Magento Deposit Payment

Buyers will pay deposit or upfront payment for orders they placed

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How it Works?

  • Deposit payment extension for Magento allows your buyers to pay deposit of the products they purchase from your store.
  • Later buyers can pay the remaining amount in single or multiple installments set by admin.
  • Admin can add surcharge as well.
  • Installments can be paid manually by buyer or can be captured automatically by admin.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x,1.14.x.x


This extension will equip your online store with a new feature to let your customers pay in multiple installments for a single order. It is specifically designed for the ease of payment for the customers and a new way for you as store owners to attract new customers and increase your sale. Although putting up discounts and special offers is still a large part of marketing but wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to pay discount and still widen your customer base? Well, Indies' Magento Deposit Payment extension helps you do just that! Buyers pay only a part of the whole price of their order and the rest of the payment can be paid later.

How it works?

Once you have installed the Magento Deposit Payment extension in your Magento store, you will be able to configure it for various options from admin panel. When a customer would like to buy a product from your store, he will be given a choice either to pay whole amount of the order or part of the payment. This initial amount that the customer pays at the time of checkout can be set by the admin.  The remaining amount will be collected by you some days later. So the customer pays the whole amount over a period of days instead of all at once. This will motivate buyers to place numbers of orders and store owners will enjoy huge increase in sale.

Details like the remaining payment information and due date for the next installment can be accessed in the customer’s account by him.

Why to Use?

By using Magento Deposit Payment extension, your customers can have option to purchase multiple products simultaneously as they don’t need to pay the whole amount at an instant. This way they can manage their budget among different products without any financial limitations. So ultimately your online store performance will be improved.

Captivating Features:


  • First deposit or upfront can be set by admin either in percentage or in flat amount.
  • Deposit payment extension can be enabled on any products you define from admin.
  • Brand label can also be set with the extension as to show in frontend.
  • This extension is compatible with all major payment methods and gateways. And even we can customize it for special gateways.
  • Each next installment after the deposit can be paid by user from “My Account” section or can be auto captured by admin.
  • Partial Payment feature can be enabled on all products, selected products, out of stock products or even on whole cart.
  • Admin can set the number of installments to be paid by customers.
  • Payment in installments facility will increase returning customers for your store as well as customers will be encouraged to buy multiple products at once due to flexibility in payment method.
  • Whole cart can be limit with minimum purchase amount.
  • Admin can choose to charge installments with surcharge.
  • Admin can define maximum amount allowed for remaining installments.
  • Admin can get carbon copy of each mails sent to customers.
  • Auto sending of Emails to customers for Order Confirmation (when buyer purchases any product), Installment Reminder (Reminder email for next installment) and Installment confirmation (when buyer pays next installment)
  • Allows limiting the total purchase amount defined with minimum while selecting whole cart option.
  • Multi language supported
  • Multi store supported
  • All currency types are supported.
  • Ability to set days, weeks or months for the installments to be paid.
  • Discount calculations in two ways: either added to upfront or equally divided into all installments.
  • Supports following payment methods:
    • PayPal Standard and Paypal Pro
    • Authorize.net
    • CyberSource
    • Indies Stripe payment method
    • eWay
    • ATOS/Sips Standard
    • Sage Pay Suite - DIRECT and SERVER Integration
    • iDEAL Checkout - iDEAL
    • Cash On Delivery
    • Check/Money Order
    • Saved CC
  • Admin can leverage Auto-Capture facility for remaining installments with following Payment methods:


  • Buyer can pay conveniently in installments rather than whole at a time of purchase.
  • Buyers can leverage discounts on out of stock products if defined by admin.
  • Choosing to pay with Deposit Payment will immediately calculate and show "paying now" amount to buyers.

FAQ Details

Q: I want to allocate different deposit amount for different products meaning I want 2% in one product and 8% in another. How can I do that?
A: No. you cannot charge different deposit payment for specific product. Although you can enable or disable the entire extension for specific products you cannot do so for the first installment alone. If you need this facility created you can contact us for customization.

Q: After the order is placed with first deposit payment how will my customer pay the remaining amount of order?
A: The remaining amount of the order can be paid from the customer’s account page. There is a link dedicated to the orders placed by customer and the remaining amount notifications. The customer can select the particular order he wants to pay for and complete the order.

Q: Will this extension affect my core magento code?
A: No. It will not change or modify any core code in your magento installation. The extension is developed by rewriting the core files into local module and therefore completely safe to use. It is compatible with the stores that maintain the standards of magento coding.

Q: Once a customer pays the initial deposit can I send automated reminders to him about the remaining payments?
A: Yes you can set a specific duration of days in which the customer has to pay the full amount of the order placed. You can send reminder emails of installments using a cron job.

Q: Does deposit payment support all magento payment methods and gateways?
As of now deposit payment extension has been tested okay with

  • Authorized.net,
  • eway and 
  • PayPal Standard
  • ATOS/Sips Standard
  • Sage Pay Suite - DIRECT Integration
  • iDEAL Checkout - iDEAL

Note: If you require any additional payment methods we will be happy to customize the extension for you at additional cost.

Q: Is it possible to provide different payment method for regular payment and deposit payment options?
A: It is not part of our regular version of deposit payment but yes with customization you can have two different payment methods.

Q: Is it possible for a customer to pay half amount of the order through deposit payment and the other half by cash on delivery?
A: Yes it is absolutely possible to do with deposit payment. You can also select specific products to work with deposit payment.

Q: Can I set any type of credit limit for a customer?
A: No. Deposit payment does not support any type of credit limit as of now. But we can customize it as per your requirement.

Q: How can I offer discounts to my customers using deposit payment module?
A: Yes you can set discount amounts for order amounts using deposit payment extension.

Q: Does deposit payment extension allow order creation from admin side?
A: Yes it is possible. We offer an added option of purchase if you need such feature added in your module.

Q: Can I use deposit payment module on any of my test domains or IP?
A: Deposit Payment extension comes with single domain license. You can’t use the module on domain other then the official licensed domain. You also won’t be able to use module with any IP as that will not show the domain name. However you have following test domains available for your development and testing work:

Q: After the deposit payment can I have the remaining payment captured automatically?
It is possible to enable auto capture feature in deposit payment extension. Note that it can be used only with those payment gateways that support auto capture. One such payment option is authorize.net. You can contact other payment gateways to know if they will allow such feature or not. You can then contact us to customize your deposit payment module for such payment gateway be included in your extension.

Q: Will I be able to run this extension on my Magento pro and Enterprise store?
A: Yes with our added support you can use it for pro and enterprise magento stores.

Q: Can I use Google analytics to track the remaining installments after my first  deposit is paid?
A: No. Google analytics will track only the full amount of the entire purchase. You won't be able to track each installment.

Q- Whether allowing zero initial payment in Deposit Payment extension?
Ans- To work with our Deposit Payment extension, you will need at least $1 or 1% of the order total as the first installment for the payment. Deposit Payment module doesn't support zero initial payment. But if you require this functionality then we will need to customize it for you.

Q- Whether all the features are provided which are demonstrated in demo store of Deposit Payment?
Ans- No, the features provided are highly subjective to your particular purchase of extension. We have installed the complete package, which is Deposit Payment in our demo store. You can get the information about the particular features integrated in particular extensions by visiting Version Log tab.

Customer Reviews

good support by indies Review by Richard Kilie
I had few issues setting up this extension properly on my client's magento store. Indies' support staff helped me installing and configuring this properly. Thanks (Posted on 6/14/14)
Awesome support and very responsive team Review by Curtiss
Thanks for the quick response.
That has now solved my question (Posted on 5/29/14)
Great Extension Review by Patrick
I bought Deposit Payment from Indies and it is working smoothly without a single bug. Nice work from team Indies. (Posted on 4/3/14)
Thanks for solving problem Review by Mina
By using this extension I have come to solve my problem for which I was worrying from a long time. Indies provided a quick solution to my problem and they are ready to help at any moment. Thank you for your support. (Posted on 2/27/14)
good support. Review by Curt
Thanks for the reply, it will work as per our requirement. Thanks again and keep it up!! (Posted on 2/11/14)
Nice to work with. Review by Isabella
This product has definitely leveraged my sales and revenues as customers are glad. They can pay in installments with the help of Deposit Payment. Even number of buyers is boosting. I am very happy buying this extension. I strongly recommend this product. Even they are ready to help you whenever you need. My query was solved within half an hour. Price is worth for this product. Great work and enthusiasm by Indies. (Posted on 7/10/13)
Great Extension! Review by Footsteps in Asia
This extension is proving to be a great addition to our website and for our type of business. Indies Web have not only provided great support for this module, but have done so in a timely manner which had made sure our business doesn't stop. Great work guys! (Posted on 2/26/13)
Very good plugin Review by Hossein
I'm very happy to have this plugin. Indiewebs team customizes it to fit with an additional payment method in a very shot time and for a reasonable price I could find somewhere else (Posted on 2/8/13)
thanks for good work Review by Hossein
Thank you for your fast response.

The extension seems very good and should fit to my needs.
(Posted on 1/4/13)
Improved my sales Review by Martha
I get this deposit payment module installed before 2 months and it increased my sales. Initially I thought the module is a bit costly but it's really a good value for money. I can now allow customers to pay a small deposit and collects the payment with the extension on schedule. Thanks..... (Posted on 10/29/12)
First of its kind solution Review by Richard Ahlborn
I have been searching for some sort of deposit payment or upfront payment solution for my magento for more than a year. but my search ends with this extension. Excellent module. (Posted on 6/11/12)

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Version Log Details

Version 3.4.0            23/04/2014

- Made Deposit payment wholecart compatible with authorize.net
- Updated totals(Grand total,tax,subtotal) while creating invoice.
- Added calculation of Discounts on out of stock products.
- Added updation of discount calculation in tooltip.
- Applied calculation of payments due dates based on the time zone of the clients.
- Applied Discount deduction on out of stock products from deposit amount.
- Added Confirmation mail to be sent after completion of paying through paypal.>
- Added Email notification to send for failed installments.
- Added closed orders in Deposit Payment grid in backend
- Bug fixes

Version 3.3.0       15/01/2014

Features updated:

- Made Deposit Payment compatible with different currency.
- Amount is displayed along with order's currency in Deposit Payment, installment grid in fromtend and partially paid
order grid in backend
- Paypal Standard : Email for success response of order placement will be sent only after placing order.
- Amount is updated at admin in sales->order as per installments are paid using check/money order.
- Changed the label of paying now to due amount on admin side sales/order
- Changed the label of paying now to due amount on customer account in "My Order" tab
- When fee amount and deposit amount is set to 0 then due amount and paying later will not be displayed on (sales/order
,invoice, credit memo ) admin side.
- Shows currency in tool tip as selected currently.
- Made Deposit Payment compatible with payment gateway : CyberSource and Stripe with auto capturing facility in both.

Issues Solved:

- Solved the problem for adding product into the cart in with Deposit Payment disabled when "Apply Deposit Payment to" set
is selected for a product

Version 3.2.0       24/08/2013

- Make deposit payment module compatible with Sage Pay Suite – SERVER Integration. Also support auto capturing facility with Sage Pay Suite – SERVER Integration.
- System configuration and payment methods controls dependency problems have been solved.
- Stock availability email functionality has been developed.
- Functionality to change deposit payment options according to the product’s price has been developed.
- Problem of multiple credit card payment method has been solved while paying remaining installments.
- Deposit payment link in my account page will display only when deposit payment module is enabled.
- Some problems with PayPal Pro integration have been solved.
- CSV file has been added to support language translation functionality.
- License violation message has been changed.
- License violation message will display only if module is enabled.



Version 3.1.0        24/06/2013

- Compatible with paypal pro. Also support auto capturing with paypal pro.
- Supports auto capturing with Sage Pay Suite – Direct Pro payment method.
- Some tax issues have been fixed.
- Support and Feedback module has been added.
- System configuration controls dependency problems have been solved.
- Duplicate invoice problem has been solved with paypal.
- Shipping and Tax equally distribution problem has been solved.
- Add Yes/No combo box to send installment reminder email.
- solved java script ajax problem of help tooltip

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Requirements: When customer orders for any product that is out of stock, he need to pay the initial installment. Rest of the amount for the product can be paid as admin decides.

Customization: To satisfy client’s requirements, we modified deposit payment extension such that if customer orders any product which is out of stock, he need to pay initial % deposit amount that admin decides. The rest installments can be paid when the admin notifies him that product is available. Admin also has the rights to ship the product before all installments are paid. All such rights are reserved by the admin.

NOTE:These have been achieved with major or minor customization and may be not part of default extension.


Requirements: Add a text box in admin panel to enter fix amount of the down payment to be paid by the customers as per admin’s choice.
Customization: This client takes orders through offline route as well hence he needs to place the orders directly from the admin panel. Our client wanted us to place a text box in admin to fix an amount to be paid as down payment. As per the requirement, we added a text box in admin panel to enter the amount and charge down-payments by placing order from admin.
Benefits:The order placement and collection of down payment becomes more easy with this for store admin.

NOTE:These have been achieved with major or minor customization and may be not part of default extension.