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Magento Custom Price

Customers enter the amount they want to pay, Donation payment

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How it Works?

  • You discuss price to be paid with customer over email or phone.
  • Customer enter the agreed amount in a price box and finishes checkout
  • Receive payment and orders on your Magento store only
  • Receive payment of products, services, Donation etc.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x,1.14.x.x


Many a times you may not be sure about the price of a product you are selling on your Magento store. You might be providing customized products, services, support, consulting and other facilities to your customers for which it is not possible to publish a standard price. You also might be receiving donations from people.


Indies’ Magento Custom Price Module allows you to receive payments and donations easily. It creates product with custom numerical field that receives price from buyers. May be after a discussion both you and buyer will come to an agreement on price. Indies’ Magento Custom price module will help your buyer enter the agreed price into a numerical price box and then checkout as they do normally with other products.

There is also an option to set a minimum price which can be set by admin. So the customer can’t checkout with the price below this minimum price. This module is useful for product having different price range. Some products or services don’t have fixed price, it varies with customers. You can use custom price module and you are free from manually adding prices for these types of products. So customer can enter any price and buy the product or services.

Features of Custom price Extension:

  • Allows creating simple products with price entered by customer.
  • Customer can enter product price on product page.
  • Minimum price can be set.
  • Useful to create single product with different price range.
  • Custom price for everyone, so no need to set prices for all products.
  • Option to add comment while purchasing the product which can be seen by admin in the order section.
  • Custom Price field is shown only on products which are enabled for it.
  • Easy to install and use.

The custom price module by Indies Services will give your store an added advantage of letting the buyer have a say in the price that you are charging him for your products and services.

FAQ Details

Q: Can I use this module on any of my test domains or IP?
A: This extension comes with single domain license. You can’t use the module on domain other then the official licensed domain. You also won’t be able to use module with any IP as that will not show the domain name. However you have following test domains available for your development and testing work.

Q: I want to let my buyer enter price when they buy a product. But can I limit the range of that with your extension?
A: Yes, with custom price extension you can set a range of amount to be entered into custom price field. Buyer won’t be able to checkout if they enter the amount outside of this limit.

Q: With this custom payment extension for magento can we set custom price for all kind of magneto products?
A: Well, here is logic. Magento custom price has been designed for all product types but it is required to be used with simple products/ virtual product/ downloadable products without additional attributes. Because when you want user to enter the amount it’s meaningless to add additional price with attribute or with grouped or configurable products. Hence best results of this magento custom payment module can be achieved with products without attributes or additional bundles.

Q. Why doesn’t my module show up in configuration area?
A. Sometimes caching can create such problems. Clear your cache and log in your administration area of your store again.

Q.  I want to show comments on my cart page as well can I do it with this module?
At present Custom price module doesn’t allow this feature. You can contact us if you want to add such facility in your module.

Q. I want one product from my cart to have a custom price and the rest of the products with fixed price. How can I do it using custom price module?
Yes you can do that using this module. Custom price module can be enabled for single or multiple products. Select the product that you want to configure with custom price and select YES in Allow Custom Price field. The whole process of configuring a product is written in detail in the beginning of this document. You can refer that. If you still have some difficulty you can contact us for assistance.

Q. If I set yes to custom price will all my products be enabled at once?
A. It will not. You can select which products you want to set for custom price. The remaining will be treated as regular products.               

Q. Can I set more than one products for custom price?
A. Yes custom price module allows you to enable as many products as you like for custom price.

Q. I want to give custom options with my product that will add some amount to the custom price added by the buyer. Is it possible with this extension?
A. No, currently Custom price module doesn’t support such feature.

Customer Reviews

Very good working of Custom Price. Review by Olivia
An excellent module as I can negotiate with my customers regarding the prices and my customers also keep on flooding as they do not have to get disappointed by the fixed price tag. Indies have stopped my hunt for such module and me and my customers both are satisfied with the working of it. Really appreciate your work. (Posted on 7/10/13)
Good Support Review by Jon White
I have bought the extension for my own music store. I am a composer. For some of my DVDs I wanted to let people pay whatever they can instead of my fixed price. I got what I wanted and great support guys. Only thing I want to say is can you add feature of removing comments if I want to? Right now I have to have comments as well with the price input. Other than that it's a good module. Thanks. (Posted on 12/19/12)
Good work guys Review by Julian
I need some customization, can you guys help? this extension is very helpful to me. (Posted on 12/14/12)
Wonderful product Review by Alison Page
I was in need of some sort of facility with which my buyers can enter their own price into a product when they are buying. This happens when they have contacted us directly to negotiate price of a product.
I come to know about this custom price extension and purchased it. It really works as per my requirements and very easy to operate.

Thanks Indies for nice extension (Posted on 7/12/12)

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Version Log Details

Version 1.0.1            07/06/2014

- Displays orders in a separate grid those are placed using custom price

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Requirements:Client wanted to give functionality to his customers so that if customer finds the product price higher than any other store, he can make price beat challenge. Here, he can enter the product price and if system finds feasible price then let him checkout with that custom price.
• They wanted the Custom Price option to be freeze after 3 attempts by the customer.

Customization:We had customized the custom option extension for this customer as he wants, There is one price challenge box on product view page so that customer can enter the custom price, backend algorithm will check whether the price is feasible or not. If it finds feasible, it will allow customer to add product with entered custom price.Customers are able to enter custom price maximum 3 times, if more than 3 times then webpage freezes. Product price will be added according to the custom options selected by the customer.
NOTE:These have been achieved with major or minor customization and may be not part of default extension.