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Magento AJAX Cart

Add products to shopping cart without annoying page re-loads

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How it Works?

Buyers normally leave the page due to frequent page reloads. Indies’ AJAX cart module stops reloading the product pages on click of “Add to Cart” button. Module instead shows a drop down AJAX window which disappears automatically after few seconds. This saves buyers time which they can spend on purchase rather on page reloads.

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Compatible with Magento Editions:
1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x
1.10.x.x, 1.11.x.x, 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x


Indies’ Magento Ajax Cart Module makes shopping in your Magento store fast and very enjoyable with this web 2.0 feature of adding and removing products from the cart without boring and time consuming page reloads. The Cart Reservation functionality allows users to reserve products temporarily unavailable which are added to cart.This module also resets the cart if the customer is not active for specified minutes so the product won’t get sold if got out of stock in the mean time. This modules works for any type of Magento products you are selling.


  • · Module is compatible with all types of products available in Magento like simple products, virtual products, configurable products, group products,   
      downloadable products and etc.
  • · Module stops page reload. This will save buyer’s time.
  • · No page updating or reloading required while removing the products from the shopping cart.
  • · Shopping Cart is automatically updated.
  • · The figure of number of items in the cart also gets updated when cart is updated., e.g. “My Cart (3 items)”
  • · Hides the AJAX cart popup in specified time automatically.
  • · Built as per Magento standards.
  • · The shopping cart is automatically reset to 0 if user is not active for specified minutes. This helps to stores having very fast updates in inventory due to high
       amount of orders.
  • · Layout can be customize very easily using CSS.
  • · Supported by all major browsers (IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  • · Supports HTTPS
  • · User friendly. Very easy to install as well as use.

New Additional features introduced with upgrade:

  • Enable or Disable Ajax Cart On Product View Page from admin.
  • Enable or Disable displaying total number of products and total amount in cart
  • Enable or Disable session timer from admin
  • Cart Reservation functionality for users to reserve products in the cart temporary unavailable for other users.
  • AJAX activity indicator
  • “Show confirmation” dialog
  • Ability to specify quantity for products with options in pop-up window
  • Magento AJAX Cart uses current layout of the store
  • Edit and remove products from Mini cart with Ajax pop up.
  • Upload an image to indicate loading process.

FAQ Details

Q: Can I use this module on any of my test domains or IP?

A: This extension comes with single domain license. You can’t use the module on domain other then the official licensed domain. You also won’t be able to use module with any IP as that will not show the domain name. However you have following test domains available for your development and testing work.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for this tremendous module. Review by Daniel
Due to AJAX Cart, page reload problem for my site has been solved. Customers are also no more abandoning the cart. It has helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for this extension. (Posted on 7/10/13)
Great Support and extension Review by Steve Wood
That worked, thank you so much for the help!!! (Posted on 7/5/13)
great module but a tiny suggestion Review by James White
Hey guys, I really like the response that I got from you regarding all my queries. Could you perhaps add a facility to change the place of the link of ajax cart? Something like a store admin can decide where the link will show up? Other than that i like this module. Helped me keep my customers from leaving. Thanks. (Posted on 12/13/12)

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Version Log Details

Version 1.1.1                22/06/2013
- Add Support and Feedback module.


Version 1.2.0                 30/12/2013

- Enable or Disable Ajax Cart On Product View Page from admin.

- Enable or Disable displaying total number of products and total amount in cart.

- Enable or Disable session timer from admin.

- AJAX activity indicator.

- “Show confirmation” dialog.

- Ability to specify quantity for products with options in pop-up window.

- Magento AJAX Cart uses current layout of the store.

- Edit and remove products from Mini cart with Ajax pop up.

- Upload an image to indicate loading process.